Seed Revolving Fund

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The provision of seed revolving funds in Phase-IV is to encourage farmers to sell the maximum possible quantity of improved maize seed. Establishment of such funds at CBSP groups/cooperative will help increase seed holding/storing capacity at these institutions, and enable them to not have to dispose or sell seed immediately after harvest when prices are low. The project provides revolving funds to the best performing CBSP groups/cooperatives/seed companies to purchase seed from CBSP groups after harvest and allows them to store the seed and sell it when seed prices are advantageous. The size of funds depends on the marketable surplus seed of the institution. The funds will be exclusively used to purchase seed from CBSP groups and will be deposited to a revolving account once the seed is sold. The funds will be managed by institutions following the transparent guidelines established under their constitution. Seed revolving or matching funds are provided to CBSP groups to allow them to purchase seed from farmers immediately after the crop is harvested.

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Seed Revolving Fund



Small Infrastructure Support

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Small Infrastructure Support

The main objective of providing infrastructure support to CBSP groups, cooperatives, seed companies, and partners is to strengthen their capacity in seed production in particular and research and development in general. The project has provided various types of infrastructure (construction of seed store, threshing floor, tents, seed drillers etc.) and lab and farm equipment support (lab equipment, harrows, mini tillers etc.)

Community managed small infrastructure and equipment are key to the sustainability of the CBSP groups. HMRP provides partial financial support to CBSP groups to construct seed store houses and threshing floors and to purchase small equipment such as seed bins, seed dressing drums, seed graders, stitching machines, moisture meters etc.

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CBSP Partner
Equipment Support  Equipment Support
Fund Support  Fund Support
Marketing Support  

Activities in Khotang

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Activities in Khotang

Activity VDC Quantity Varieties


Bamrang, Chhitapokhari, Lafyang, Durchhim, Khalde, Mahadevsthan, Maheshwori, Dikte

41.25 ha

Deuti-10.25 ha, Ganesh 1-7.25 ha, M 3-21.25 ha, Rampur Composite-1.75 ha, Shitala-0.75 ha



Bamrang, Chhitapokhari, Lafyang, Durchhim, Khale, Mahadevsthan, Maheshwori, Diktel

26 sets

Deuti, Poshilo Makai 1, ACC9942 X ACC9944, Rampur Composite, M-3, Farmers' Local


Bamrang, Chhitapokhari, Lafyang, Durchhim, Khale, Mahadevsthan, Maheshwori, Diktel, Nunthala, Buipa, Vijaykharka, Rajarani, Lichki, Ramche, Batase, Lamidanda, Ratanchha, Arkhoule, Durchhim, Chyasmitar, Nerpa, Sungdel, Dipsung, Rakha, Mangaltar, Chhorombu, Waplukha, Likuwa, Eisdu, Solma, Bakachol, Magma, Matim, Chipring, Nirmalidada, Chiuridada

3 locations

Mana 3, Rampur Composite, Shitala


Diktel, Maheshwori, Mangaltar, Rajarani, Likuwa, Nunthala, Ramche, Batase, Lamidanda, Aiselukharka, Jaleswori



Maize variety development

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Maize variety development isone of the most important activities of the HMRP. Germplasm developed by CIMMYT and its regional centers are introduced into Nepal and tested at various research stations of the Nepal Agricultural Research Council. After careful selection of varietal characteristics and feedback obtained from communities during participatory varietal selection, seven promising improved open-pollinated maize varieties, including one Quality Protein Maize, have been released by the National Maize Research Program of NARC Testing.

Maize varieties developed and released in Nepal through NARC/NMRP-CIMMYT collaboration (2002-2010)

Maize Varieties Released Year(AD) Maturity Period(Days)  Yield(ton/ha) Recommended Area Seed Color
Manakamana-6 2009 140-145 5-5.5 Mid- Hill Yellow
Manakamana-5 2009 140-145 6-6.5 Mid- Hill White
Manakamana-4 2008 140-145 5-5.5 Mid- Hill Yellow
Poshilo Makai- 1 2008 140-145 5-5.5 Mid- Hill White
Deuti 2006 130-135 5-5.5 Mid- Hill White
Shitala 2006 138 5-5.5 Mid- Hill White
Manakamana-3 2002 142 5-5.5 Mid- Hill White

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Source:National Seed Board

Pipeline Varities: Pool 17 E,Arun-4, Arun-1EV, Poshilo Makai-2


Training and workshops

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 List of completed training courses, workshops, and seminars

Completed Training Course and Workshop Date Location Downloads

Seed certification for implementation of licensing system in Nepal

23-23 Sept 2011

Hetauda, Mankwanpur


Maize seed marketing workshop

22 Sept 2011

Bharatpur, Chitwan


Maize seed marketing workshop

25 Aug 2011

Nepalgunj, Banke


Travelling seminar

19-21 Aug 2011

Kavre, Dolkha, S'palchowk


Program orientation training

13-15 Mar 2011

NMRP, Rampur, Chitwan


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