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Phase/Donor Period Objective/Discipline


First (SDC) 1999 – 2002 Develop, identify and validate maize technologies in the hills (on-station research). NARC
Second (SDC) 2003 – 2007 Applied and adaptive research, Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI), Participatory Variety Selection (PVS), Community Based Seed Production (CBSP), and Small Grant Projects (SGPs). NARC, DoA
Third (SDC) 2008 – 2010 Varieties and technologies dissemination targeting poor and dis-advantaged farmers in the hills (Food Availability <6 months and income 1 US$/day) of Nepal. NARC, DoA, NGOs
Fourth (SDC, USAID) 2010 – 2014 Varieties and technologies demonstration and commercialization of CBSP groups through value chain approach. NARC, DoA, NGOs, private sector


Overall, the project has placed emphasis in the validation and dissemination of improved maize technologies, varietal development, participatory approaches for technology adoption, and strengthened partnership with local stakeholders.