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Maize variety development

Maize variety development isone of the most important activities of the HMRP. Germplasm developed by CIMMYT and its regional centers are introduced into Nepal and tested at various research stations of the Nepal Agricultural Research Council. After careful selection of varietal characteristics and feedback obtained from communities during participatory varietal selection, seven promising improved open-pollinated maize varieties, including one Quality Protein Maize, have been released by the National Maize Research Program of NARC Testing.

Maize varieties developed and released in Nepal through NARC/NMRP-CIMMYT collaboration (2002-2010)

Maize Varieties Released Year(AD) Maturity Period(Days)  Yield(ton/ha) Recommended Area Seed Color
Manakamana-6 2009 140-145 5-5.5 Mid- Hill Yellow
Manakamana-5 2009 140-145 6-6.5 Mid- Hill White
Manakamana-4 2008 140-145 5-5.5 Mid- Hill Yellow
Poshilo Makai- 1 2008 140-145 5-5.5 Mid- Hill White
Deuti 2006 130-135 5-5.5 Mid- Hill White
Shitala 2006 138 5-5.5 Mid- Hill White
Manakamana-3 2002 142 5-5.5 Mid- Hill White

Source:National Seed Board

Pipeline Varities: Pool 17 E,Arun-4, Arun-1EV, Poshilo Makai-2