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Small Grants Project


SGP enables the project to allocate resources to HMRP partners on a competitive basis to support project activities. A public announcement is made via newspapers requesting submission of SGP proposals from various partners (NGOs, CBOs and private sector), including the National Agicurltural Research Council and the Department of Agriculture. Normally, only one call is made for proposal submission during the entire project phase. The selected partners will be continued, subject to performance, throughout the project phase. A SGP Committee (SGP-C) composed of free-lance independent consultants with significant experience in plant breeding, agronomy, gender, poverty and agriculture marketing are formed to evaluate SGP proposals. The HMRP Team Leader and two experts are part of the SGP-C. The SGP-C develops guidelines and selection criteria to evaluate SGP proposals. Based on the agreed guidelines and criteria, SGP-C recommends a list of SGP proposals on merit basis for funding by HMRP. The selected proposals are then submitted to the Technical and Steering Committee for final approval. The following criteria are used for selection:

  • Institutional capacity to work with and for poor farmers
  • Networking capacity at grass-roots level
  • Technical competence
  • Targeted geographic area (high priority to remoteness, west, mid-west and far-west)
  • Linkage and synergies with other projects and partners
  • Technical competencies to implement the project
  • Socialinclusion consideration (governance, executive and beneficiaries; i.e. GESI)
  • Partnership/linkageswith the private sector
  • Human resource capacity of the organization
  • Project team composition (gender and inclusiveness)

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